I was working on a project in which I inherited a project that involved terraform. In the project, modules were used. The one other time I’ve used Terraform, I used resources. Modules seemed similar, but I hadn’t used them before so I wanted to know how they differed. I found an article online about it that was a part in a larger series. The previous part in the series was about why they chose terraform instead of Chef or ansible among others. Both of those tools are also used in my circle so I was curious on their take. So I started to read that article when Packer was brought up. I had never heard of Packer so I googled it. While reading about it, I found it was very similar to Docker. So I wondered how’d they’d differ and which one was better so I googled “docker vs packer” so now I’m 4 topics removed from my original task and reading about docker vs packer when I first set out to learn about terraform modules.

I think it’s good to go beyond the bare minimum one must learn to accomplish a task, but where do we draw the line? How far down the Rabbit hole do we go? We have to cut ourselves off at some point or we’d be doing random research for hours. I don’t know if I have the right answer, but in this instance, I turned back from the docker vs packer research and went back to reading why terraform was a good choice over the others, which is also a bunny trail, but one that is still related to my current task.

So when you go on your bunny trails (which is okay. That’s how we learn), just ask yourself as you go deeper “Is this related to my current task”? If not then stop there and recursively finish your research to get back to your current task. Of course this is only when you are on someone else’s time (like a boss or client). If this is your own time then study away and soak up the random knowledge.


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